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Zachary Latham

Zachary Latham “Leaked Video” Murdered William Durham

Zachary Latham, 18, is charged with manslaughter in the killing of William Durham in South Jersey Murdered

A New Jersey teen who fatally stabbed a neighbor had deliberately instigated the fight, hoping it would make him TIKTOK famous – ZACHARY LATHAM stabbed to death WILLIAM DURHAM, who was with his wife & two sons when they confronted the teen over a feud in May

charles benjamin

“The Durhams do not like Zachary Latham,” Perry said. “He’s, in their mind, the James Dean of the neighborhood.”

why have not talked about the stabbing of a correctional officer in Vineland NJ by an 18 year old man this Monday ?. The accused is named Zachary Latham .


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