Yesenia Lisette Aguilar

Yesenia Lisette Aguilar a Pregnant woman killed by drunk driver Courtney Pandolfi

Pregnant woman Yesenia Lisette Aguilar killed by suspected drunk driver Courtney Pandolfi as doctors work to save baby

Pregnant woman killed and baby left fighting for life after ‘drink driver’ mounts kerb Yesenia Lisette Aguilar, 23, was walking with her husband on Tuesday evening when Courtney Pandolfi’s Jeep mounted the kerb, killing the mum-to-be – with witnesses performing CPR

Yesenia Lisette Aguilar was eight months pregnant when she was fatally struck by a car while walking with her husband on a sidewalk Tuesday night, according to the Anaheim Police Department .

Jaime Álvarez and Yesenia had been married for two years and were looking forward to their little daughter. Álvarez was holding his wife’s hand when the tragedy happened. “We saw that the truck got out of control and it got on the sidewalk. It was going for us. It did not lose speed. At that moment I reacted, I tried to take her by the hand to have her with me and there I did not feel the hand,” says Álvarez about the tragic time of accident.

The emergency was reported around 7:37 pm near Bayless Street and Katella Avenue, east of Euclid Street when a vehicle, a white jeep, jumped the sidewalk and struck the pregnant woman who was walking with her husband as the doctor had instructed him.

Killed by drunk driver

“I saw her there on the floor,” Álvarez says through tears, “I tried to resuscitate her as much as I could, but no, at that moment I felt it was a nightmare . 

The 23-year-old victim was 36 weeks pregnant and was rushed to UC Irvine Medical Center in critical condition due to severe injuries, but was unable to survive.

Doctors managed to remove the live baby from the woman’s body and she remains in intensive care so far, Anaheim Police Lt. John Yepes said. The baby, named Adalyn Rose, is still fighting for her life.

The driver of the Jeep was identified by police as Courtney Pandolfi , 40, of Garden Grove, who was allegedly under the influence of alcohol at the time of the accident. Additionally, Pandolfi already had two DUIs and was driving with a suspended license.

The driver suffered minor injuries and was provided medical assistance before being arrested on charges of vehicular manslaughter, driving under the influence and driving with a suspended license.

“Things happen very quickly,” David Orozco told Univision Los Angeles, who after witnessing the incident came to help the pregnant woman and her husband. Orozco described the scene as tragic and said the victim was no longer breathing very well when her husband tried to take her pulse on the sidewalk.

Family and friends came to the scene of the accident to remember Yesenia, who are devastated by the death of a young woman who was preparing to receive her little daughter .

Anyone with information about the incident is being asked to contact the Anaheim Police Department at 714-765-1900.

The victim was identified as 23-year-old Yesenia Lisette Aguilar, who was expecting a baby girl.