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Woman Paints over Black Lives Matter BLM

Woman Paints over Black Lives Matter / BLM

Proud American paints over grotesque ‘black lives matter‘ graffiti on the road, no place for Marxism here. LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BRAVE PATRIOTS THAT WON’T BE INTIMIDATED

Stained America

Now, Martinez Police says they’re looking for these two and plan to arrest them for defacing the mural … which, again, was a city-sanctioned thing. Sounds like they might be facing a simple vandalism charge — the cops were hesitant to call this a hate crime quite yet. SOURCE: TMZ

2 People Paint Over Black Lives Matter Mural in Martinez

Well if she just paints the yellow paint with the black paint it’s still going to say BLACK LIVES MATTER, just in black. Fu**** idiots.

Imagine if these morons put as much energy into reading a book about the history of the country in which they live? Smh. It still says Black Lives Matter even if you paint it black Karen. “Pair Paints Over City-Sanctioned BLM Mural in Martinez”

Jeff Leach #BlackLivesMatter

If you’re going to make a statement about “all lives matter” at least don’t color in the Black Lives Matter with black paint. Like she literally only changed the color

Who knows this two people?