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When did little richard die?

TwitterNews: can i acknowledge that little richard was the true king of rock and roll & one of the greatest musicians to ever live while also acknowledging he denounced people like me saying being gay was “unnatural affection” and “contagious”? yes.

Little Richard was amazing, and I’m thankful for his life and music. Makes me sad reading his bio, though, because his times, parents, and religion wouldn’t allow him to be gay, and he internalized their disapproval. NO New Testament reference to gay = bad.

was little richard married – Ernestine Campbell mate 1959-1963

Little Richard (born December 5, 1932 in Macon , Georgia as Richard Wayne Penniman , † May 9, 2020 ) was an American rock ‘n’ roll singer, pianist and songwriter. During the most successful phase of his career at Specialty Records in the mid-1950s, the African-American musician combined style elements from blues , gospel and rhythm and blues under the new genre name “Rock ‘n’ Roll”, thereby transferring them into the musical mainstream. After high placements in the rhythm and blues charts dominated by black performers, he managed to crossover into the genre-independent American pop market . His fast and powerful piano playing, his loud and over-the-top vocals and his energetic concerts inspired many well-known musicians.

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