what did thom brennaman say

What did Thom Brennaman say | Video

What does it say about the work environment in the booth and shouldn’t stop with him. Who was Thom Brennaman talking to, about what? What did THEY say that would make him say that?


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What‘s infuriating about apologies like Thom Brennaman‘s is when they say, “This is not who I am.” If it’s not who you are, then why did the word come out of your mouth? What we say and do is who we are.

What Thom Brennaman did was not good. But his apology is a joke. “I’m a man of faith…that’s not who I am…”. Well, Thom, apparently that is who you are otherwise that is not something you EVER say. My 2 cents

Don’t buy into this santimonious hit piece on Thom Brennaman. It is one SJW scoring some white knight points at Brenneman’s expense. And now he deigns to sit in judgment over Thom Brennaman. Wille you have got to stop this cancel culture! Please.

Thom Brennaman said that on the air as they were coming back from a commercial break in the 7th inning of game one. In the fifth inning of game 2 he gave a weak assed apology and was pulled from the broadcast. He has now been suspended last I heard.