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was Jacob Black unarmed? Gun in the left Hand!?

One more day…. One more troubling video…. still the same old s***….. Yesterday, I saw another video … This time Jacob Black was,  an unarmed black man, was shot in the back this time 7 times in front of his…


Jacob Blake is now paralyzed from the waist down and the cops who did that to him aren’t fired and aren’t in the process of being punished they’re just on administrative leave this system is too far beyond repair it needs to be abolished

So… I’ll humor the idea that the police were worried about Jacob Black was going a for a weapon. Why were multiple officers pointing their firearms at an unarmed man then? Why were they using the largest show of force they could produce against an unarmed man?


Unarmed BLACK MAN shot 7 times 1 BLACK MAN and it was more than enough policeman to subdue him but your first resort is to shoot him.. Thank God he is stable Can we please have justice for him

I posted about my outrage that Jacob Blake got shot and will now live his entire life paralyzed on Facebook for a person to comment “well I read he was a pedophile so maybe that’s his karma”… excuse me? Where do people on Fbook get their information bc I haven’t read such thing

A Black USA American Citizen Mr Jacob Black got Shot in the BACK last pm 7x in Wi! You, as said President haven’t said a SINGLE word! Why? R U that hateful, Racist or just plain Hypocrite! Don’t say you haven’t heard! @BBCWorld
has! @VP
hasn’t nothing! pathetic leadership!

jacob black was a father, a husband, a good man and most of all A PERSON. he was murdered by a cop who shot him SEVEN times in front of his kids. he was an unarmed black man. he was not a threat, his skin was not a threat. dont let his life go in vain. let this spark change.

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