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Vickie Edge Florida woman murdered by Jerry Geisler Odum

  • Brad West RIP Vickie. I know how sweet you were, since I was your first BF back in 1976. It was hard to believe how a pretty girl would come to like a tall, lanky guy like me. You did not deserve this and am sorry that it was your sweetness and trust that led this scum to your door. Tell your Dad I said hello, as I think I’d gained his trust when we dated. Heck, he even let you come with my parents to visit me in Atlanta in 1977. We had some good times together, but alas, you didn’t like being alone and me in Atlanta. And you for sure didn’t deserve this.
  • Sharlene WingateYou are a mean piece of a human being! I wish somebody would get a bat after you and smash you to pieces! You don’t deserve to live, eat and breathe!!!!

Florida woman trying to find Mr Right killed by Milton boyfriend

Authorities in Florida have arrested a 61-year-old man, alleging he murdered his 59-year-old girlfriend inside his Milton home. Investigators in Santa Rosa County have yet to disclose how Vickie Edge was killed, but one detective told the Pensacola News Journal she was “brutally” murdered.
PEOPLE confirms that Jerry Geisler Odum remains in police custody without bond following his arrest Friday on a single premeditated first-degree murder charge. #crime #truecrime #truecrime
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Jerry Odum and Vickie Edge

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