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Vanessa Guillen Remains found in shallow grave by Leon River

Vanessa Guillen Remains found in shallow grave by Leon River

A body has been found in a shallow grave by the Leon River in Texas, in connection with the disappearance of missing Fort Hood soldier, Vanessa Guillen, a source has told CrimeOnline. Source:

UPDATE: Army investigators positively identify remains as Vanessa Guillen, family says

Body found!!!

So they found human remains of another soldier near the base where Vanessa Guillen disappeared, all of this is not adding up & they need to shut that base down.


Vanessa Guillen Remains found in shallow

America as a majority doesn’t “love” the army, or the military. Conservatives love the military. Most Americans sympathize with the military and tolerate it out of necessity, but don’t support its broad use and overbearing budget. A nice chunk of the military doesn’t even support the military if you want to be frank; they loathe it. That’s why retention rates are low across all branches. The problem is that recruiters glorify it and target low income areas where young kids have limited avenues. You go protest outside those stations and you’re gonna turn away a lot of potential recruits. It’s why the removal of CAPT Crozier wasn’t swept under the rug, or at least, was ultimately addressed, because big stories hurt recruiting. No parent is gonna sign off enlistment papers if their kid might get COVID and die. No kid is gonna wanna join up knowing their SECNAV is gonna let them get sick and die on a ship in the middle of the ocean, then fly out there and tell everyone how shit he was for trying to save them. There’s a lot, A LOT, of shady, morally corrupt, downright illegal shit that gets swept under the rug and stuffed in the locker in regards to the military. You air that out and that’ll get em. Show their incompetence when it comes to mustering, the absolutely disgusting amounts of sexual assault and harassment, etc that happened and led to this girl’s disappearance, all the things that happen on a daily basis to hundreds and thousands of military members and lead to suicide. That forces them to address it by the majority that, for the most part, tolerates the military because of necessity. Doesn’t mean they are immune to change.


Vanessa Guillen’s case gets me so upset. How tf does a young girl, not even 21 yet, sign up to protect a country that couldn’t protect her? It’s bs that her mother & family need to go through something so tragic

Nancy Cruz 

My mom stays watching this future teller but she’s very accurate its scary… She mentioned the body of Vanessa Guillen was going to be found buried in the sand.

Aye Aye ron 

Oh, where to begin. Statistically speaking, when comparing the size of Killeen to the size of Chicago, the crime rate is actually higher (due to the significantly smaller population.) There is unfortunately a lot of homelessness due to low funding for local government, little to no care for disabled veterans, no local shelters or food banks, and the only available employment opportunities are pretty much just the army and service industry.

Most of the police are corrupt and/or lazy. I was up late one night and was startled by the sound of gunshots, a couple streets down cops served a no knock warrant in plain clothes, busted in to the house and shot a man to death. I also slept through a mass shooting on my street.

The people in the military are also part of the problem. One of my coworkers lived on fort hood with her husband, and told me that there had been 10 break ins in one month on her street, all by other people in the army, and the guards didn’t do shit about it.

LOTS of drugs, most of them dirty. Most of my neighbors in my low income housing resorted to prostitution or selling drugs on top of a minimum wage job to pay the bills. The management of these shitty low income apartments would then exploit their tenants, knowing that most of these people are mentally and physically exhausted, and do not have higher than a high school education due to growing up in an underserved community. Usually resulting in draining these folks bank accounts and evicting them.

There’s a “church” off of rancier that everyone knows is a cult, and it was even suspected that they were responsible for Vanessa’s disappearance. Don’t know if that lead ever went anywhere.

Most of the people there are miserable and try to drag everyone else down into their cesspool of misery.

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No confirmation on the remains is what the local news reported last night June 30,2020.The news stated it may take two weeks to identify the remains.

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