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Valentina Sampaio

Leaked: Valentina Sampaio Before Plastic Surgery

Valentina Sampaio Before Plastic Surgery: Valentina.Sbecomes first transgender model in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue

Valentina Sampaio I was just wondering if you were free to come to my house this weekend when I’m free at my house this weekend for the weekend to come to my house when we are free this weekend at my house


Story could be a beautiful Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover but it’s turned into a story of Sports Illustrated being “woke,” patting themselves on the back, Valentina Sampaio genitals, & vapid progressives perched like vultures waiting to attack any man who is made uncomfortable

Laura Wood
Replying to @SI_Swimsuit

i understand the frustration with western beauty standards but trans women are real women, despite our society fueled insecurities, regardless of which beauty standards are followed, whether they are an average everyday girl or supermodel. #ValentinaSampaio

Victoria’s Secret’s First Transgender Model Valentina Sampaio: What to Know
Valentina Sampaio
Leaked: Valentina Sampaio Before Plastic Surgery
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Marty from Arizona

God made them man and woman, not man or woman.