Hawaii helicopter crash bodies

Two children : Hawaii helicopter crash bodies

Two children were in the machine

Six dead recovered after helicopter crash

Tragic calamity in Hawaii. A helicopter crash on the island of Kauai probably killed all seven occupants. Six dead have already been recovered. There is no evidence of survivors. Two children were also in the machine.

The helicopter crash site is in a mountainous area

The owner alerted the emergency services after the rented helicopter did not return on Thursday at the specified time. Several forces and the coast guard searched for the wreck.

The crash site was ultimately located in a mountainous and difficult to access area on the island of Kauai. The rescue operation was interrupted on Friday due to fog and poor visibility and should continue at dawn on Saturday.

The cause of the accident was still unclear hours after the crash. According to the CNN, the last communication with the pilot was 40 minutes before the scheduled return.