Yeraldin Areiza yeraldin.areiza.5

TSE 784 Yeraldin Areiza Sexually abused by a Taxi driver in Colombia

Shocking Video Taxi driver Plate TSE 784 beating his dick in Colombia, The passenger “Yeraldin Areiza” recorded the man while he beat his dick in the car.

Woman Yeraldin Areiza sexually assaulted | by a Taxi driver in Colombia TSE 784

Today August 9 I headed to take a taxi to move to my home located in Nuevo Occidente, Medellín; the taxi stopped at the 80 gazebo with Colombia, when I climbed the taxi driver tells me that the back chairs were greased so he told me to do myself in the front chair. In the course of the trip I went with my head assomada out the window without realizing what the taxi driver was doing, when I turned my eyes at him I noticed he was masturbating, when he realized I saw him masturbating secured the taxi doors, I immediately caught his attention and asked for respect, next to that he started to offer me 30.000 pesos for telling him the color of my underwear and repeatedly insisted, to which I replied no. He threatened to hit me, touched my legs and in the middle of a struggle he hurt my legs, at the time of recording the video I tried to calm myself so I could record it as best as possible, I screamed asking for help to cars and motorcycles surrounding, but no one attended. As we approached my destination, through the UVA of New West, the subject noticed that I was calling the police and it was as if I was stranded and took the insurance from the doors, at that time I could run away, I was too afraid of to take me to another destination and the same thing that happened to many women, to rape me and then throw me in any ravine. It was time to upload the edited video so fb doesn’t delete it TSE784 taxi plate

Source: Facebook
Yeraldin Areiza yeraldin.areiza.5
Yeraldin Areiza Sexually abused by a Taxi driver in Colombia Palte TSE 784

In her complaint published on social networks, the young woman maintains that the abuser offered her money to tell her the color of her underwear. She refused, and so the degenerate locked the vehicle doors. However, she managed to get off when she tried to call the police.

He was masturbating so they could see him, surely the ones in the car were going to pay for the race with s*x. Nothing unusual, because they were very happy watching.

Omar Correa
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If something normal were really going to happen, the person recording shouts and so the man has the chance to lose PQ has his cock out or there would be some violence inside the Taxi which I don’t know!

@ richicastillo77

But, I don’t understand the video. Who is the complainant? That video does not prove anything, who says that the one who made the video is not a couple or something of the taxi driver and wanted to record? It’s just weird. But if she did it without her consent, she’s a damn hpta and you have to hit it all.

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