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Trayford Narcisse Pellerin

Dead Lafayette “Trayford Narcisse Pellerin” Police Kills 11 shots

Trayford Narcisse Pellerin died at the hospital last night after being shot by Lafayette Police Officers here in Louisiana.

Now, think of #TrayfordPellerin as a White man with an AR-15 Rifle – Usually, they “LIVE” to be arrested, or Militias being freely able to stand in front of a State Capitol building with threatening rifles, or treated to a Burger King meal, after killing nine Black people, etc.

When will it stop? The most important appointment Biden will make is AG. Law enforcement needs to be overhauled so bad cops are rooted out and good cops can do their job.

When you say shot, it minimizes the multiple gunshots I heard on the video clip, and there were onlookers!

tw // police brutality , murder , death Trayford Narcisse Pellerin was shot 11 times by louisiana police while walking away from them, later dying in hospital. no cop should be given this authority to decide whether someone lives or dies. rest in power #JusticeforTrayfordPellerin

A Black man, surrounded by about a half dozen Lafayette police officers responding to a disturbance call, was shot Friday night after police tased him and then fired 11 rounds at a gas station.

Ann Marie Coviello Trayford Pellerin. Lafayette, Louisiana. At least 10 shots fired. 5 police officers on the scene followed him for 1/2 mile then shot him in his back. Say his name.

@jcamerica1 Shot 11 times. So many cops there. That’s an execution plain and simple. No way to call it anything other. JUDGE JURY AND EXECUTIONER. Do you not see how wrong this is? Shoot to wound if it’s a last resort, but 11 times? Really? Open your eyes.

Jaded Millenial So. Let me get this straight. If you walk into a gas station with a weapon, that’s a good reason to shoot you? You must be pretty antigun then?

@HurricanePolym2 Police in US is really bad, we need to come to terms with this. This has to change. The guy could be tased, or if they had to shoot him, they could do it in a non-fatal way. Everything has to be tried to avoid ending a life. It’s not up to the cops to decide who deserves living.

Lafayette La PD Shoot Citizen He is currently hospitalized. I’m posting this video before the police & the media tell us everything about this man, before they name the government officials who shot him. I’m posting this because he is human, & the government shot him. Repeatedly
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