Oluwatoyin Toyin Salu – TPD said “found bodies”

TPD officials have not said whether Toyin Salu was one of two homicide victims discovered Saturday night off Monday Road in southeast Tallahassee. Police have not released the name of either of the victims.

Oluwatoyin “Toyin” Salu Rest in Power Angel #JusticeForToyin after tweeting about her sexual assault she went missing for several days and her body was recently found. She was only 19.

Shari  @shariauna_

TPD said officers discovered the two bodies while following up on a missing person case, though they didn’t specify which case. The department issued a missing person alert for Sims on Saturday night, shortly before finding the bodies.

Update: One person is in custody, though no arrest has been announced. Salau was one of two homicide victims discovered Saturday night in southeast Tallahassee. Police identified the suspect as Aaron Glee Jr, 49.

Salau and Sims were found dead in the 2100 block of Monday Road.

Salau spent her last days on this Earth fighting for black lives. It’s our job to fight for her. Her life mattered.


we spread her name and story, now she’s dead. the police will be punished for their crimes against black women. they ignored her after she was molested, ignored our warnings and now she’s gone. RIP to Oluwatoyin Salau we will not forget your fight and your power.

ا DEMi لا @freedemi

Remember how in the heat of the #blm protests we were trying to underline the fact that although #blacklivesmatter black men have to do a better job at protecting #blackwomen ? It’s so crazy because ToyinSalu’s story is not even a fraction of the realities between bw and bm.

nyamwenda  @nyaandco

Warning, these photos are probably not real!!!!

Has not been confirmed by the police

I’m sorry to inform everyone about this but Toyin is no longer with us

Toyin Salu Info

Missing Oluwatoyin Salau

This story is developing. Check back for more later.

Aaron Glee Jr. The Murder of Oluwatoyin Salau
Aaron Glee Tallahassee
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