Toddler NYPD lieutenant twins

The “Twin Squad,” as these little officers are called, have traveled to police precincts around the country showing law enforcement their appreciation while building a following on their social media accounts. According to their parents, Kelly Caceres and Alejandro Rolon, it all started when the boys were driving their ‘car’ on the sidewalk near their home in Manhattan’s Washington Heights — the 34th precinct.

“They were riding in their black Range Rover on the sidewalk and police happen to pull up to the side. I said, ‘Oh, you’re going to get a ticket. You’re riding on the sidewalk.’ And [the officers] put their lights on and came out with their ticket book,” Alejandro recalled.  “And it was just so real. And everybody was just like, wow, are they really getting a ticket? But, you know, it was a joke.”