A Women pulls gun on Black mom Takelia Shanee 3 daughters when mom smacks car back window to stop it from hitting her girl

Takelia Shanee: White Woman pulls gun on Black Woman

Interesting again. Here you talk about the violator with a gun as “self-destructive” – I would say they are being destructive of Takelia Shanee. This is why assuming mental illness is so dangerous. It focuses attention on the criminal’s state of mind and not the victim’s rights.

Erin Cronican #BlackLivesMatter

This Michigan woman got into an argument with 15-year-old Makayla Green. Makayla called out to her mom, Takelia Hill. The woman reportedly said “white people aren’t racist.” The conflict escalated, and the woman pulled out a gun.

Keith Boykin

Melissa – “Not all white people” is NOT the right response to this post. You’re centering yourself instead of the victim. Takelia Shanee is the person who should be in focus here.

Takelia says her daughter was almost hit by a car in a parking lot, so she hit the vehicle in response. Then the passenger got out and pulled a gun on her.

That ain’t Karen. That’s KKKaren with a bullet.

Brian James

Who is this woman? License plate ECW 6147

2017 Chrysler Pacifica Takelia Shanee

VIN / Vehicle Identification Number
3.6L V6 DOHC 24V
Make in
Windsor, Ontario, Canada
3 year(s)
License Plate Michigan

#Karen in Michigan bumps into 15yo Black girl outside a restaurant and then pulls a gun on her mother when she tries to defend her daughter from the white women’s harassment. People need to go get a firearm and…

Da Minority Report

Excuse me the correct location is Lake Orion but if you know the area it’s literally bordline next to Auburn Hills. Many people call that area Auburn hills because we really don’t know where the line drawn anyways Stop worrying about the location and worry about the real problem!


Update!!!!! They were let go !!! The police just took the guns away !!! Ridiculous!!!! They said they couldn’t arrest her because my niece mother hit there car (with her hand ) to stop them from hitting my niece!!! Justice needs to be served! This is white privilege

Takelia Shanee Facebook Post

Source: VIDEO White Woman pulls gun on Black Woman

“According to an account in the Detroit News and a longer video of the confrontation, Takelia Hill, who is Black, said the white woman bumped into her teen daughter as they entered Chipotle. The daughter asked for an apology and the woman began yelling at her…”

isolAceion Anbender
White Woman pulls gun on Black Woman in Auburn Hills

Her mug shot is going to be my favorite photo of the week!

Devin Nunes’ Pig

10 miles from my house. Lotsa red hats and angry white folks.

Did i miss the lead up story to this? There had to be a reason she pulled the gun. Was it only bc they backed up and almost ran them over? What was said to make her feel threatened enough to pull? Just trying to understand, not taking sides.


Source: Michael Maus

walks BEHIND THE CAR to block them in, then screams about almost getting hit. It’s a setup. My friend was working in a daycare, and 3 year old blacks would call her ray ciss whenever they didn’t want to do something. She quit a month ago, the seething hatred is off the charts.


The lady apologized and they just kept yapping, calling her a racist for no reason. Then the mom passive aggressively walks behind the van so she can play the victim.

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Bobby biuchea

From the start of the video it’s obvious the African American woman was CLEARLY the aggressor here. The White people were leaving in their vehicle and backing out of the parking spot. It doesn’t matter what caused the incident, as long as that white woman has a permit to carry, any logical court of law will file NO charges on her. When someone is actively trying to detain someone as the African American woman was by getting behind the vehicle, you have a right to defend yourself. Watch the video, the white girl does not pull the gun until the… Read more »

Lisa Anderson

Shame on u for being so dismissive and blind! Wake up! Jumping out of a car and drawing a weapon is crazy. Understand people carry legal and illegal arms everyday. This is encouraging people to be reckless. The illegal folks don’t care either and will shoot and bet on it not being traced to them. When U r in a car it is a weapon. If u hit someone u r to blame. So keep encouraging shoot outs smh everyone loses