Susan Schulz Sorry not “crime” The scene of the demonstration

Susan Schulz Sorry not “crime” The scene of the demonstration

This woman’s name is Susan G Schulz and she works for the EPA (Region 2) in Edison, NJ. She is a federal worker and all of her employment information is public. Call (877) 251-4575 to demand she be held accountable for her racism and anti-Blackness. Source: Kenna @_kcap_

Fire Susan Schulz now. Today. Watch the video and decide if it’s her hate-filled face you want to represent you.

Sue Erlewine

Before you clean up the country, maybe you should start with cleaning up your own work force, starting with that NJ racist woman Susan Schulz. #permitkaren


Show me the racism. White and black people cannot have an argument anymore and it not be racist? The race card was pulled immediately and we have heard one side of the story. This woman in Montclair has her life in danger.

Carmine Sabia

Susan Schulz VIDEO

As a Black woman who lived in Montclair for over 18yrs, I’m not surprised because racism has no home it lives on through people everywhere. There’s just not enough cameras to show people’s true colors especially behind closed doors. I’m glad there were bystanders who spoke up.

Belandy Gard

Also, I was doing my amateur sleuthing, and Susan here lives BEHIND the Hayat’s home. And these are big lots, big houses. She trekked her way off Marion road and down Valley to get to Norman and harass these people over… a slate patio permit? Racist, but also kind of CREEPY.

Charles “
” Sprickman

OMG all kinds of Karen’s are crawling out of the woodwork looking disheveled. Salons make a list to connect with all these Karen”s for a makeover.

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Omar Ruiz-Diaz

Well, I know why so many Karens came out lately. What about the potencial Karens that will come out of the closet. Because this isn’t going to stop any time soon.