Summer Taylor

Summer Taylor has died she was 24 | Seattle

Dawit Kelete: The two victims: Summer Taylor, 24, died Saturday night. Diaz Love, 32, was critically injured. The driver fled the scene after hitting the protesters. He is now in police custody, @AP reports.

Seattle protesters hit by car: Summer Taylor, 24, dies after being struck on closed I-5; Diaz Love critically hurt; Dawit Kelete arrested

Och du, Mattias, förresten – här är en av de jättefarliga ”svarta” som blev påkörd i ditt mysiga klipp. Hon hette SummerTaylor och var 24 år. Hon dog.

Lekland Palmer
Dawit Kelete
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Tomo @Tomo20309138【ドライバーは黒人男性】 Summer Taylorさん(24歳女・髪ピンク&青・白人)死亡。Diaz Loveさん(32歳女・白人)は重症。 白のジャガーで2人をひいたドライバーDawit Kelete(27歳男)は黒人。 Black Lives Matterって・・・

RIP 24 year old SummerTaylor has died after being struck and killed by 27 year-old Dawit Kelete-his white Jaguar also hit 32 year-old Diaz Love who is on serious condition. Dawit Kelete, the driver who hit them with his white Jaguar has been arrested.

@worsttakesever: Too many innocent ppl have died from these riots and protests “Taylor” David Dorn Patrick underwood And more..

Summer Taylor, a non-binary BLM protester was hit by a car while blocking the I-5 freeway in Seattle. The driver was black. If he had been white, the MSM would’ve jumped all over it.

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I couldn’t stop laughing!


How funny! Moron.


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