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Surveillance video shows 61-year-old Jose Sanchez

Sucker Punched: Surveillance video shows 61-year-old Jose Sanchez

Jose Sanchez –

Surveillance video of the attack shows 61-year-old Jose Sanchez standing outside his pickup truck when the suspect and the suspect gets out of a Honda Pilot and approaches him in the parking lot of the gas station.

They appear to be talking when the suspect suddenly punches Sanchez in the face. Source:

Police have since located the suspect’s vehicle, a 2003 gold and tan colored Honda Pilot with license plate number 5VQL448, but the suspect has not been identified.

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Anyone with information should call detectives at 626-430-2290.

This is to help my dad who was brutally attack and left unconscious on the floor, He suffer a severe brain damage and lost his memory… MORE