ST louis couple guns

ST louis couple guns INFO Mark McCloskey and Patricia McCloskey

ST louis couple guns: I sometimes think ppl are wrong to hate lawyers then I see this…Made their fortunes in Slip and Falls I’m guessing.

Philip Shropshire

Starring Ken and karen Chadbro.


ST louis couple guns

Mark and Patricia McCloskey star in Ken and Karen

Bunker Bitch

What Financial Consulting Group’s statement tells me is that they employ multiple racist idiots who aren’t smart enough to fire the idiot flashing his card around or hire a PR firm/lawyer to write their statement.

Never have I seen a greater disparity of income than the 10 minute drive on Forest Park Parkway in St. Louis.

Mike Healy

The McCloskeys have had fun seeking out objects original to the house …including a rare Louis XIII homme-debout (“standing man”) armoire, so named because, during the Reign of Terror, a gentleman could hide inside one. How Perfect. That’s what they should have done. Hide.


How many homeless in St Louis? When I first saw the video I thought they were a couple of those nutballs in front of a municipal building with guns.


Ah, here it is… Incredible when you also read that the couple are lawyers and still this thick

Ken & Karen Chadbro

So who are the real thugs, when people took to the street to address injustice in our city and local leaders ie @LydaKrewson. The people wasn’t on any property but this law firm couple decided to come and point guns at us!

Rasheen Aldridge. Jr

“In the videos shared online, however, it doesn’t appear that anyone walking in Sunday’s protest calling for the resignation of St. Louis Mayor Lyda Krewson was trespassing on their palatial property.”