Son Carries Dad out of Store

Son Carries Dad out of Store

Anti-masker in Tucson, AZ throws a tantrum and has to be carried out by his own son Credit: Fifty Shades of Whey @davenewworld_2

They never seem to capture on video the part where he gets harassed by complete strangers for several minutes for not wearing a mask.

Katja Marjetic 

As the daughter of a severely bi-polar father, I feel very emotional for the son who had to physically carry his ranting dad out of the store. Untreated mental illness wrecks havoc on the family.


This makes me so fucking sick to my stomach!! I live in AZ and this is a daily problem! I just got in a fight with a twat who didn’t have a mask on and sneezed but I looked at her not cuz of her non wearing mask I looked cuz it’s a normal reaction when someone makes a noise and