Jordan Liz Chan Ray Orosa Raymond Orosa was racially harassed at restaurant by Michael Lofthouse

Asian woman “Jordan Liz Chan” says her family Mother & Father “Raymond Orosa” was racially harassed at restaurant

“Michael Lofthouse CEO Solid8” It is irrelevant what Michael Lofthouse purports to be. “Racist CEO” of Solid8 is his title going forward. And his pathetic media release apology is disgusting. He needs to meet with the Chan family and apologise and then seek help. Racism is a disease.


Jordan Liz Chan: An Asian family Mother “Ray Orosa” and Father “Raymond Orosa” was eating at a restaurant in Carmel Valley in Monterey County, California when they were racially abused by a white man “Michael Lofthouse the founder and CEO of Solid8” according to Instagram user IG Jordanlizchan. According to Chan, she was out with her family celebrating her “tita’s” birthday when the incident occurred. She said the man told them “F**k you Asians” and “Go back to whatever f**king Asian country you’re from.”

Tech CEO “Michael” abuses the Asian family in the California restaurant. A father of the family. “Raymond Orosa” is a sales representative at Mercedes-Benz in Los Angeles

Carmel Valley Trump supporter’s racist rant at Asian family: He started shouting at them (“Go back where you came from, Asian POS!” etc.) He paused when they started filming him, but couldn’t contain himself. (Video IG:jordanlizchan)

Jordan Liz Chan VIDEO Michael Lofthouse CEO Solid8

Video source: This happened to user @jordanlizchan on Instagram. The address listed in the comments is unverified

Racism hit close to home last night for my brother while celebrating his wife’s birthday in Monterrey California. Excuse…

Gepostet von Nannette Orosa Mendez am Montag, 6. Juli 2020

Let’s use the power of social media to help move the wheels of justice along and deliver to Michael Lofthouse what he so deserves.

Marcus Aurelius

I checked the company and they have 2-10 employees. So most likely he is the owner and most likely nothing will happen with his employment.


Wouldn’t it be a shame if someone started a yelp page for this mans business (Solid-8) and everyone left a review? Wouldn’t it be a shame if someone made sure this video would stay online forever?

And after 20 mins of Googling (with a single keyword, I could get the info in the first search result page), I found what it seems like his brother‘s and father’s IG accounts. It was tempting to reach out to them to reveal who Michael Lofthouse really is, but I stopped myself.

Alias K
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Eric Jefferies

This website is a joke! Post your name so we can all get you cancelled as well cowards!

Tony T

How do you know he was Trump supporter

Tony T

after watch the video, I see it is more like advertise for his company and blame on someone else (Trump). They should try to charge him with hate crime.