Soldier Jakrapanth Thomma shoots many people in Thailand

Soldier Jakrapanth Thomma shoots “many people” in Thailand

Killing spree with assault rifle Jakrapanth Thomma

According to police, a soldier killed several people in a killing spree in northeastern Thailand. The man had transferred pictures of the crime to the Internet and was still on the run.

A Thai soldier has killed several people in Nakhon Ratchasima in the northeast of the country. The man shot an innocent victim with an assault rifle, which resulted in “many injuries and deaths,” a police spokesman for the AFP news agency said. The Reuters news agency reports at least ten deaths.

The soldier opened fire at various locations in the city of Korat, Reuters writes, citing a police spokesman. Previously, the gunman stole an army vehicle and published photos and videos of himself in combat gear during the act.

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According to Thai media, the soldier is said to have initially killed a commander and another soldier. A 63-year-old woman was also shot on the military site. The perpetrator then reportedly drove to a mall. He shot out of the car on the way there, it was said. According to the police, the police cordoned off the shopping center. The perpetrator has been identified, but has not yet been caught, the police said.

Photos and videos circulating on the Internet showed scenes of people fleeing in panic. Suspected shots from automatic weapons were heard.