Shein Nazi Necklace

SHEIN Sells Nazi Necklace

I don’t know if normalize “Shein Nazi Necklace” is the right term here. Most of us here are trying to show y’all that swastika necklace on the surface level might seem anti-semitic, but it is not because it is not the swastika that goes with the nazi party. You just have to go past the surface level Source: @RajPaddle

Hey twitter friends, heard a lot about Shein and their bathing suits or whatev but I just saw they also sell Nazi necklaces too, so prob a good idea to maybe hit up pacsun or somewhere else now.. Cool???


Stop SHEIN Nazi Necklace to Sell Nazi Symbol Necklace

SHEIN is one of the most successful and popular brands in today’s world. The company has become popular for YouTube “try on hauls” and for their low prices selection. However, SHEIN has started to sell offensive items that they do not claim responsibility for. Recently, they decided to sell “Metal Swastika Pendant Necklace” which is a symbol of Nazi allegiance. They believe it is appropriate to sell a necklace that represents hate to our Jewish community. This is not the first time SHEIN has sold inappropriate items in the past. They have sold Islamic prayer rugs as a “fashion statement.” SHEIN has had a history of creating disgusting and horrific items, but they show no responsibility. I reached out to SHEIN myself, but as I began to describe why this item was offensive, they disconnected me and I was not able to live chat with them anymore. My Customer Support ticket was mysteriously viewed as “this page cannot be found.” We will not stay silent and we will fight to keep these brands accountable for their actions. 


So this necklace is actually the Hindu symbol!!! But still cultural appropriation regardless because I doubt the people who approved this at SHEIN follow any of the relgiions that actually use this symbol!! But yeah please don’t equivocate this to the sumbol of the Nazi Party