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Sharon Carolyn Balli Sexuall Harassment $5M

Sharon Carolyn Balli filed her notice of claim with the NYC’s Comptroller’s Office on Thursday seeking $5 million, the notice reads

“While reviewing narcotics operation protocols, he has blatantly asked about Claimant’s and her husband’s sex life,” according to the notice.
“Do you have great sex?” and “You need to have more sex,” she recalled him saying, according to the notice.

Sharon Carolyn Balli She also claims in the notice that Marachilian tried to get into their shared executive bathroom on “several occasion[sic] from December 2019 to June 2020 while [she was] taking a shower.”

In addition, he allegedly tried multiple times to catch Balli undressing by using a spare key to get into her locked office, according to the paperwork.

Another colleague, Capt. Edwin Nuez — a friend of Marachilian’s — also made lewd comments, she alleged. continue reading

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