Shaheen Mackey

Leaked: Shaheen Mackey “Dead Shocking Video” Luzerne Co. Correctional Facility

Newly leaked video shows Shaheen Mackey suffering from an epileptic seizure as an inmate at Luzerne County Correctional Facility in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, only to met with a brutal response from guards that his family argues caused his deat…

This is appalling. Personally, I have never seen people who are awake and aware they are dying not struggle. They will panic when they realize what’s happening. This man was held down so adequately that he couldn’t even struggle the way I am used to seeing dying people struggle.

Kathy Lark

That’s the insecure scared mantality of a cop who should not be in law enforcement


That’s murder!!! You’re literally watching a another black man be suffocated by America police!! Absolute criminal behaviour!! #BlackLivesMatter


Shaheen Mackey leaked Video

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