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Pics Joseph Rosenbaum and Anthony Huber kKyle Rittenhouse

Sex Offender: Joseph Rosenbaum & Anthony Huber killed by Kyle Rittenhouse

Joseph Rosenbaum a Sex Offender? Joseph Don Anthony Huber killed by Kyle Rittenhouse I can’t find what exactly Joseph Rosenbaum did to catch a Class 3 Felony child sex abuse conviction. However the charge requires either the child is under 12, or force or drugs are used in the rape. And leftists feign incredulity that HE’D be the one to start the altercation.

Post by @yardford3

Joseph Rosenbaum was shot in the head by Kyle Rittenhouse after a heated argument. Soon after Anthony Huber was killed trying to disarm the murderer. R.I.P

And now, straight from Kenosha, future martyrs of the left: jacob blake – rapist, domestic abuser jojorosenbaum – a class 3 sexual predator anthony huber, – a domestic abuser gaige grosskreutz, a pistol wielding anarchist and felony burglar

Source: @attila_iskander

Sex Offender

Jacob Marshall
I purposely try not to remember names of gunmen. They do not deserve to be remembered. Jacob Blake should be remembered. Anthony.Huber and Joseph “Jojo” Rosenbaum should be remembered. And they should be alive. As a society, we failed. They’re now dead because of that failure.

• jacob blake – sexual assault

• joseph rosenbaum – convicted sex offender

• blake hampe – convicted pedo

• G Floyd – Ex con, aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon

Head Shot

He put down 3 criminal men Anthony Huber: long criminal history that includes battery & repeated domestic abuser Gauge Paul Grosskreutz: Felon Not legally allowed to own a firearm, but was in possession of a glock that he pointed at the kids face. Joseph D Rosenbaum: pedo

SOURCE: LilJoey88_ @espinosa_jojo

White people, one of the myriad of ways we need to do better. Rest in power Anthony Huber, protester who tried to stop this POS with his skateboard and Joseph “Jojo” Rosenbaum, a father of a 2-year-old girl, both murdered by this 17 yr old trump supporting white supremacist.


His name was Anthony, he was 26 years old, white. He murdered at the Black Lives Matter protest in Kenosha, Wisconsin. He died protecting others by taking down an armed white militia member who opened fire wounding one man and killing Joseph “Jojo” Rosenbaum, a father.


Projection is not a good look. “Victim of Self Defense, Non-compliant sexoffender Joseph Rosenbaum tried to attack a child and died.” These are the people you defend. We are not the same.


Why are you? The teen defended himself against criminals. 1. Joseph Rosenbaum – a convicted pedophile 2. AnthonyHuber – domestic abuse. Why are you so many Antifa people Pedos?

Source: @Mario_Miranda2
Jacob Marschall shot in the arm
Jacob Marschall shot in the arm
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A class 3 felony charge for sexual conduct with a minor, in the state of Arizona occurs if a victim is between the ages of 15 and 17. Just a note… he was convicted in 2002 at the age of 18. Obviously, he broke the law but let’s not be fallacious.

Paul Lackaff

how many others that was the only time


I looked up the Wisc dept of corrections sex offender registry and found NO entry re Rosenbaum. Where did you get the info re Arizona? I wanted to look that up as well.


It appears that they removed him from the registry shortly after his death. I doubt that happens with everyone, but he was a very high-profile death on national news.


Thank you for pointing that out. Typically a class 3, or C sex offense is something like, a 19 year old is with a 15 or 16 year old and parents press charges, or a public urination charge. It’s the second lowest charge. Class 1 or A would be you’re more violent, twisted, predatory offenders.


Are you sure because it seems pretty harsh for someone to spend 12 and a half years in jail for only a 3-4 year difference but I live in Ohio where I have a friend who caught the same charge at 18 because she lied and said she was 16 when she was actually 14. Fyi my friend spent no jail time. So idk. Just seems like a long time to spend in jail for only a 4 year difference at most.


After looking at this, I’m thinking the guy had a more serious sexual abuse charge and it got lowered somewhat or multiple sexual misconduct charges. Regardless. Dont chase someone with an AR if you’re not looking for trouble. If you try to argue that. Then you’re just ignorant and need to learn how to fact check.

Sexual Abuse in Arizona | ARS 13-1404 – R&R Law Group

Truth Watch

Here is an actual screen shot of the Wisconsin Registry…

Screen Shot 2020-08-27 at 2.20.54 PM.png
wendy searcy

This story is bogus. See above. He is not a sex offender.

Roly Poly

Do dead people still show up in the registry?


why wouldnt they? Someone did go through the trouble of making a fake screen shot of him the sex offender registry.


Yes they show up as “Inactive”.


Search AZ state corrections. It’s there.


Liar or idiot?

AZ Sex Offender Registry has zero results for Joseph Rosenbaum. Several corrections record results, none of them Joseph *D* Rosenbaum, so not the same guy.


What a scumbag these guys are to falsely call this murdered guy (with living family) a sex offender to somehow justify his death for political points! They even went as far as to photoshop a bogus wrap sheet. Do they not know how low that is? This guy who posted this story is probably one that cries about fake news too. Sad.


The fact that he was a sex-offender ( ) doesn’t justify him being killed.

He was killed because he attacked someone who had a gun. Murder is premeditated killing, this was clearly self-defense.

The reason people bring up his (and other guys’ who were shot) criminal history is to destroy the false media narrative that they were peaceful guys fighting for what’s right. They clearly weren’t.


look at how long this guys criminal record is you idiot:


Look at the date of those infractions. One is from 2002.. If he’s 26 in 2020 he would be how old in 2002? You do the math einstein.


Umm … he was 36 … You do the math … einstein

Retard LIBS

Hes 36, dumb fuck. How are all of you defenders of garbage so stupdi

Courtnie Westerfield

Each state has a registry. If the crime was committed in that state he will be on that states registry. Wisconsin convictions are registered in Wisconsin, until the offender moves out of state. Then he has to register in the state he moves to. The rally was in Wisconsin. He was not from Wisconsin.

Courtnie Westerfield

Correction. He was living in silver lake.
10 years after his conviction he can have his name removed from the registry, as long as he fully complies with the courts for the 10 year period.


He’s not from Wisconsin genius. Are you dumb or just trying to spread bs?


I searched the Wisconsin sex offender registry,, and Joseph Rosenbaum was not listed. I suspect you are relying on false information. regard the rest I’ll leave it with some lawyer speak – false in one thing false in all.


there is a fake screen shot floating around with a bogus case number. Someone is trying to smear this victim


stfu retard:

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Lmfao, that’s not the same person.


It is. Exactly the same facial features.
comment image
comment image


Look at the date of those infractions. One is from 2002.. If he’s 26 in 2020 he would be how old in 2002? You do the math einstein.

Bob Taubaum

He’s 36 in 2020.


Well here is his actual criminal record. He served a decent amount of time in prison for it. It is entirely possible that he had a deal that would remove him from the registry after time served. Does this mean he deserved to die? Not at all. But it does show that his judgement, and aggression likely was an issue. In any sense, it is sad when anybody losing their life at such an early age.


Do the math.. Unless this guy was 8 years old or figured out how stop growing older I don’t know how someone who committed crimes in 2002 can be 26 now.


he was 36 …. einstein

Francis Baxter

So he just happens to be the only who’s go fund me got taken down?


Why does a dead person need funding?


There is a Joseph Rosenbaum who started serving a rather lengthy sentence over the death of a 2 year old foster child. His conviction was last year.

I have found no search results for trials against any Joseph Rosenbaum that wasn’t the aforementioned child killer. There is a Defense attorney that goes by the same name as well, which gave me a lot of results to sort through trying to find anything against the Joseph Rosenbaum that was shot at the protest.


He’s from Tx


I don’t know why people come up with things about the victims like (even if it was true) it would justify their murder. It’s all made up… If you go to the Wisconsin department of corrections sex offenders website and search for Joseph Rosenbaum ABSOLUTELY NOTHING comes up!!! I have lost faith in humanity a long time ago but those people have already lost their lives or are severely insured so at least respect the dead as they can’t even stand up for themselves.


He’s not from wisconsin. Try again please. Morons by dozens.

Dio Brando

a quick facy check would reveal that all the Pedo shit was made up to make the one who died look like it was Just.



Francis Baxter

It was just without the dirt.


who is your factcheck? Let me guess, snopes, and politifact. Hahahaha.


Can someone explain why nothing comes up when I search his name on the WDCSOR website? Has his conviction expired?

Truth Seeker

Likely removed due to all of search and him being dead, he was only to be registered for life.
This was linked a obve, his record in AZ
Maybe they removed him from registry because he is dead.
The case was in AZ and he served 12.5 years then moved to Wisconsin. I’m guessing you don’t get 12.5 for an 19 year old on 17 year old.
Here is his record in AZ


Again, they don’t look the same and no, they would not be able to remove his information THAT quickly, if he was, indeed, on that registry. My state didn’t update my abuser’s information, it was done manually. And that takes longer than you think.


Compare to this pic.
comment image


He isn’t from Wisconsin.

Kyle 4 Sheriff of Kenosha, WI

A convicted sex offender tries to attack a 17 year old kid with a incendiary device, while his friends are trying to shoot the kid is killed for his violent tendencies towards children. And you people give him money. So not donate to this scam.


To everyone saying the pedo classifications fake, someone already found evidence to the contrary from a **.gov** website he’s been reposing it in the comments and I’d recommend whoever wrote the article to update it with this link:


These guys don’t even look the same. They look similar, but they don’t look the same, at all. At the very least, you should be able to find his age listed.

Fred Frederickson

From what I can read all that is just his actions against staff when hes in prison. And is it even the same dude? Theres a million bald headed white dudes that look exactly like that. But again, nothing in that link says what he did to get in prison.

sam smith

Checked wisconsin registry – no sign of joseph rosenbaum — what gives


Sex offendeds are only on the registry for life upon their death their names are removed from the active register use the way way back machine to search it you’ll find it. And his conviction was in Arizona.


The registry gets updated showing the person as INACTIVE when they are deceased. It’s extremely difficult to get removed from any sex offender database.


Arizona is not Wisconsin


your point? He was from Arizona and Texas or are you just too lazy to do real research.

sam smith

Those who lie about those who died will rot in hell


Liberals don’t believe in God. They are all hedonist. They are like animals that only worship pleasure.


who wrote this crock of crap?


a patriot

Boromir's Horn

This kid was there to help, at least that’s what he was thinking. The red pack he had was filled with medical supplies. The gun was filled with hope to protect local businesses. His head was filled with visions of being a superhero.

The inept response from politicians and police, going all the way back to the first night of rioting in Minneapolis, created the environment where a 17 year old kid thought a city needed his help. This is a sad state of affairs that could and should have been avoided.

Juan F Gonzalez
Juan F Gonzalez



They don’t even look the same, you anti-Semetic pieces of shit.


I hope that you can reconsider your opinion when presented with facts. Same name in addition to 63 inches not being a very common height for a male. Also, here you can see him throwing racial slurs at people as well as expressing explicit consent to being shot.


Oh it’s the same guy


His Arizona pic and the more recent one

Jake Davis

It was removed from the registry (because he’s dead). It could not be archived there because there is a Captcha on the .gov webpage.

Here’s an archive from a community watch website which pulls the info from the gov site.

The crime was committed in Arizona, where he served 12~ years in Arizona State Prisons, here’s his prison record


Joseph D (for Don) Rosenbaum served time in the Arizona Department of corrections inmate #172556 from 2002 to 2017 for Sexual conduct with a minor. He was convicted of a total of three felonies and sentenced to a total of 15 years. Pima County (AZ) Superior court cases CR20021139, CR20021139001, CR20143306, While in prison he had a total 40 discipline violations including 9 for assault on a corrections officer. Information is avialable on the AZ Dep of Corrections web site.

Adrian Vaca



This article and site are filled with actual fake news. Beware.

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