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Sean Reed Indianapolis Shooting Death on Live Streamed Video

Sean Reed Indianapolis Shooting Death on Live Streamed Video

Shooting: Sean Reed on Live Streamed Video Shoot FACEBOOK

Video Shooting on Livestream Name:Sean Reed

A man running from cops was gunned down by police after bailing from a car … and the officer-involved shooting was captured on the dude’s live stream.

Sean ‘DaDon’ Reed Shot Dead by Indianapolis Police During Facebook Live Video

The wild scene unfolded Wednesday afternoon in Indianapolis … and the video picks up with the man behind the wheel of a car, calling out the street he was on … and pleading for someone to “come get my stupid ass.” All of this as he live streamed from a phone.

After bailing from the car, he started running on foot. It sounds like someone yelled, “Stop, stop.” Then you clearly hear him respond, “Fu*k you” … and then a flurry of gunshots rang out as the man fell to the ground. The phone’s camera came to rest pointed up toward the sky … and continued streaming. Source: TMZ

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