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Sarah Cooper‘s new Trump “I passed a cognitive test” video is laugh-out-loud hilarious. She has mastered Trump’s facial & physical mannerisms to perfection. She’s a comedy genius. @1813Doncarlo

#SaudiTrump had enough cognitive ability to know you shouldn’t support the people who funded 9/11. Be a shame if EVERYONE saw this.

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We already knew that @realDonaldTrump was one fry short of a Happy Meal….@sarahcpr brings it home

Dr. Dena Grayson
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A normal person would say: “The doctors tested my cognition & the results were fine.” But Trump’s narcissism is so extreme that *EVERYTHING* is a “performance” to be exaggerated & bragged about it, to the point that what he says is absurd! This video demonstrates that perfectly!

“Rarely does anybody do what you just did” – despite the fact I’m sure no doctor ever said this to Trump, even if they did it could easily have been a negative comment as demonstrated by the “doctor” in Sarah’s video! Trump isn’t smart enough to work that out though!

Again, “they were surprised” should sound alarms for “maga.” Trump is being enabled, he didn’t ace anything….more projection from the narcissist occupying OUR White House.

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How to cognitive

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