Safiya Satchel Loses Child After Getting Tased By Miami Cop

Safiya Satchell Loses Child After Getting Tased By Miami Cop!

A 33-year-old pregnant black womanSafiya Satchell” who was brutally attacked by @MGPDFL police officer Jordy Yanes Martel, who kneeled on her neck and repeatedly tased her in the stomach in an unprovoked attack!

This was one the most disgusting videos I have seen. Jordy Yanes Martel is a piece of shit who needs his ass beat. He fucking kneeled and tased an unarmed pregnant woman causing her to miscarry. I’m hot.

Capitalize the B in Black.

Alright I might have just seen the most disturbing thing ever! A police officer with his knee on a pregnant woman neck and he tased her stomach and she had miscarried! Jesus christ this cop needs to rot in jail!


@SouthFloridaPBA calls every arrest by the SA “political”. In their eyes the cops never do wrong and it’s always the victims fault. If you ever wonder why the bad apple is allowed to have a career, just thank the FOP and PBA. They don’t like communities.

Danny Suarez

The so called black man and woman tales of captivity, struggle, depression, oppression, despair, poverty, psychological madness, enslavement, social injustice and economic conditions in this hostage land known as america can be found in Deuteronomy 28. we are the REAL israelites and we fit ALL of the curses….. Coming here by ships, being sold onto our enemy, having yokes of iron put on our necks, not owning anything, not knowing our language and heritage, worshiping other Gods, having a evil eye towards our brothers, becoming a byword etc. The only way we are going to break this curse is by repenting and keeping the laws, statutes and commandments of the most high and keeping faith in Yahawashi whom the world ignorantly calls Jesus Christ.

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