Ruweyda Salim Filming Buffalo Police Mike Delong

Ruweyda Salim Filming Buffalo Police Mike Delong ‘F***ing C***’

Ruweyda Salim: Controversial take: Both people in this video could probably use a vacation. Probs doesn’t happen if both folks just got back from a relaxing week at Sandals. Maybe they could go together. Learn some empathy. Have some mai tais. Leave the rest of society alone for awhile.

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M. Delong: Look at Buffalo PD Mike Delong showing their ass and bullying me

رويدا سالم

What is wrong with these cops? I know the answer. But it still boggles my mind. This is what they do when they *know* they are being filmed

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Ruweyda Salim Filming Buffalo Police Mike Delong

Buffalo Police name Mike Delong

Oh wow. I just said “dig into his past.” Yep! I hope someone checks on the women in his life.

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Buffalo PD M. Delong

Buffalo Police Lt. Calls Woman Filming Him ‘F***ing C***’

I think BPD needs to take the time to investigate a LT calling a woman a “c***” in a time where police representation is SO important.. for both the safety and reputation of law enforcement as well as rebuilding trust with citizens..


Don’t switch the subject, cum-brained moron, lets wrap up the subject of domestic abuse. Did you or did you not see the tweet indicating the cop in the video was suspended without pay in 2014 for a domestic incident?

Trying to find out. I just saw a few articles from 2014 stating he was suspended with out pay due to a domestic situation. I found another page that stated he was suspended for verbal threats but its undated so not sure if related it could be another situation

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