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Rusten Sheskey

Luke Courtier & Rusten Sheskey shoot Jacob Blake: The Cope Name

The Cope Name!!! It is not Luke Reitruoc! The shooters name is Rusten Sheskey!!! He is The Shooter Source: Haley Zigmond

“Police turned the scene over to the Kenosha Sheriff’s Department and the Wisconsin State Patrol. The Wisconsin Department of Justice will investigate the shooting, police said.”


Just called and requested Luke Courtier be fired for shooting Jacob Blake in the back 7 f*cking times. Kenosha Police Department (262)656-1234


They are saying Rusten Sheskey is the shooter of Jake Blake from Kenosha.

#JacobBlake could’ve been reaching for a gun. He could’ve been reaching for a bazooka. He could’ve been going to put on his Ironman suit. He could have been going to do a lot things. But what did he ACTUALLY do to warrant being shot 7 times at point blank range?


it would be really sad and terrible if anyone looked up rusten sheskey on white pages and found his address. DO NOT do it it could hurt him and his family

This is NOT the officer who shot Jake Blake, it was Officer Rusten Sheskey
Kenosha, WI.
He had NO DAMN regard for his children that were in the suv and watched the police shoot their daddy.

JacobBlake is a wife beating Pedophile and all you morons who are speaking out on his behalf and/or donating to his go fund me are disgusting Pedo symparhizers like @KingJames#Dontresistarrest


I really hope that Jacob Blake pulls through and recovers beautifully. It doesn’t matter if he didn’t comply. He was unarmed and his back was turned. Just another trigger hungry piece of shit eager to take the life of an innocent black man.


I don’t know what to say. I want to add my voice because all voices add weight but nothing I say will feel adequate to the life that is now in critical condition, to the family that is now suffering, to the evil that occurs. Seven times. Arrest Luke Courtier. Abolish the police

who is the cop that shot jacob blake
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