Russian Nurse Nadia Zhukova Info Instagram and more Tula Regional Clinical Hospital

Russian Nurse Nadia Zhukova Info Instagram and more Tula Regional Clinical Hospital

The Russian Nadia nurse, who was photographed giving  medical care to COVID-19 patients half-naked in a see-through medical gown , has not been reported to receive a penalty. There is a serious reason for their strange appearance: suitable personal clothing and medical equipment are currently in short supply in Russia.

23-year-old Nadia had to wear this see-through suit because there was a shortage of medication in her infirmary due to the corona crisis. However, the incident was not without consequences and the photos of her in a transparent cloak quickly went viral on social media. The Russian health authorities had initially announced that they would sanction Nadia.

After the disputes surrounding this strange incident, the employees of the Tula Oblast Hospital in western Russia revealed the motives for the lack of medical clothing.

In Russia, a nurse Nadia at an infectious diseases hospital came to work in a bikini swimsuit

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After the situation came to light, immense pressure was put on Nadia. However, thanks to the support of her colleagues, the sanction proceedings against her were stopped. And instead of an occasional misunderstanding, this is a far bigger and more serious problem: the nursing staff do not have the appropriate means to deal with the crisis.

We just have nothing to wear. There are not enough surgical shirts that we have to wear under our protective gowns. Believe me, we would not work half-naked if we had a full set of clothes, “ said a daily Mail doctor, a doctor told Komsomolskaya Pravda ,

“She didn’t deserve a punishment. She had probably noticed that the cloak was see-through, but she decided to put it on because it is very difficult to wear these suits for a long time. The main thing is that she was able to treat the corona patients. It was wrong for a patient to take a picture of her. You went at her even though she just wanted to help you, ” he added.

The health workers teamed up and took Nadia under protection. They all put their own health at risk every day to stop the corona pandemic, many times without the appropriate equipment. Therefore, it would have been an injustice to have sanctioned Nadia for negligent healthcare. But she is not concerned about the situation.

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