Rocky Marciano Price

Leaked Video Lindsay Birbeck murderer Rocky Marciano Price named

Who is Rocky Marciano Price? Lindsay Birbeck’s murderer in profile

Well he’s a not right for a start , hope his family disown him , needs life inside . Disgrace . RIP Lindsay . What lawyer believes anyone who says someone said he would give me money to dispose of a body . Then the gawp leaves a wheelie bin there. Needs locking away till he dies .

Gillian Horrocks
rocky marciano price preston crown

Hopefully the justice system do there job correctly and he is sent away for the rest of his life. …bring back the death penalty

Austyn Malone

Needs the death penalty bringing back in this country now with the DNA they can prove the killers.

Michael D Fitzer

So who is Rocky Price and what did we learn about him during his murder trial?

Price lived with his parents Martina, 37, Creddy, 47, and five siblings in the Whinney Hill area of Accrington. This has been the Price family home for around three decades.

With a significantly below average IQ level of 65 and a diagnosis of autism and ADHD, the special educational needs pupil attended The Alternative School in Barnoldswick several afternoons a week and was described by teachers as “very quiet, pretty much non-verbal most of the time”.

Price, now 17, would barely engage in conversation, even when it was on a topic he was interested in like chickens.