caught on camera Robert Preston

Robert Preston Colonna screams the N-word | caught on VIDEO

‪I just called the number listed on FB and asked if they have fired Robert Preston Colonna yet. They said‬ THEY HAVE!!

Marti Gunn Andrews Cooke

First of all, I’ve known this man all my life and he has a mental condition and that is nothing to poke fun at. He has had a very difficult and trying life. With that said, there is no excuse for him to lose his temper and to say those words that anyone would understand besides his doctor. But that is part of his condition and it is unfortunate. He is not racist but he does lack proper judgment. He chose a word that would hurt the person that he was yelling at and apparently that verbal punch landed. I’m sick and tired of when somebody has an issue with somebody else they videotape it and try to get them fired. That’s the first thing they do is try to get somebody fired and lose their livelihood not thinking of what could happen to innocent people in his family that he is supporting. Everybody has an opinion and that’s fine but there’s no need to spread more hate. This is Robert Collona and deep down is a good man but when he gets frustrated, he loses composure quickly and when he regains it he is very ashamed. I know this is not gonna sway anybody’s decision because he dropped the Almighty N-word. And if that is the major part of this, which it is ,but you might not want to listen to a lot of popular music out there because it really seems that so many are OK with the word.

Danny Ward

Robert Preston Colonna Facebook Video

VERIZON KEVIN assaulted me before entering store throwing phones inside store then picking them up leaving the store claiming he had something else for us. I IMMEDIATELY locked the door behind him. PLEASE help me get him FIRED. He used racial slurs and spit at me. I know his name is Robert. Robert initially pulled up to store in a company truck making a hard stop in front of store before jumping out and assaulting me while I was holding door for elderly man. He was only charged with Disorderly conduct. When police arrived I asked about assault charges. Robert stated he tripped before he hit me..true but his intentions before he tripped was to hit me I believe…as you can see what I mean Watch the video.. Robert works for Mid Atlantic Fire Protection # 757-455-8888 Incident occurred in Stafford, Virginia…Let get Robert Fired. Please Share……

Posted by Percell Wright on Sunday, July 19, 2020

No gun pulled on the old white man , no ” get down on the ground” no nothing. If a black man was that irate this could have ended tragically not a doubt in my mind. #whitepriveledge

Jenna Russell
Source: Twitter Robert Preston Colonna
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Eat Me

He deserves to be in jail. Why should his mental health problems become someone else’s problem? He’s responsible for his horrible behavior not the people who film it.


agreed. If mentally ill and he knew it, then it is his responsibility to NOT be out and about on his job’s clock, threatening others.


So when he kills somebody, we should all just understand that he’s not well?


Danny Ward, I, too, know people involved in this video… both of the minority professional men threatened. They, too, have had difficult and trying lives. A difficult and trying life is no excuse to threaten others, ever. Nowhere in the law does it say, “everyone, obey this law, except for people that have had hard lives!” Yet all men involved had a choice: if unwell in any capacity, including Robert MENTALLY, then it is his responsibility to stay HOME or be IN his doctor’s office, NOT spreading physical and verbal threats towards others. It is unfortunate that two grown men… Read more »


If he is not well in the head, he should not be in fire protection! one of the worst racist tirades ever. he should be fired and he should be jailed or serve major community service.

John b

Hahaha! People that aren’t racist don’t act like a racist. Give me a break. You have to get better friends. He’s not nuts. Just a bigot.


Then your friend should have not clowned the way.he did, ir take his meds. He deserved to lose his job maybe this will give him time to get some help.