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Aaron Torgalski

Robert McCabe and Aaron Torgalski

I usually save my “Fuck That Guy” segment for our podcast, but Officer Aaron Torgalski of Buffalo PD…Fuck that guy. Knock an elderly man to the ground, the walk casually by as he is bleeding on the street.

Source: Rick Wilson @TheRickWilson

Twitter Comments

No, those officers WILL be held responsible! There are millions of witnesses, to say it was blatant abuse! He pushed him! Then they walked off, knowing he was bleeding!

Martin Gugino

My parents esp my mom always was my power, she had to turn down a police job bcos in my country, no man wld want to marry a police woman(70s) She made sure my gender didnt come in btwn and always pushed me to do things that she felt I was capable of! #CREduChat

You can see that the officer that pushed him instantly was gonna do something to help and then another officer pulled him up and the officer had a face of regret that pains me

ANOTHER video of cops pushing an elderly person to the ground. This time: Salt Lake. A 67yo man WITH A CANE is pushed by a cop who uses a shield. The man had turned & was walking away when the cop shoved him. The cop has been removed from patrol duties.

David Begnaud

To every single cop in this video that walked by that poor man bleeding out of his head after he was OBVIOUSLY pushed, WHY ARE YOU A COP???!!!!! To all the great cops out there, CALL THESE SORRY EXCUSE FOR HUMANS OUT!!

Kelly Clarkson
Aaron Torgalski
Aaron Torgalski
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