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Fahim Saleh found in his luxury Manhattan apartment by his heartbroken sister

I read that Fahim Saleh‘s sister was the one that found him dismembered in his apartment. I don’t know how anyone recovers from seeing their loved one in that state. I really pray she is able to get through this. Can’t even begin to imagine the trauma.

  • Police have identified the man who was killed and dismembered. His body was found by his sister in a luxury condominium.
  • Police have been keeping the building on East Houston street taped off and guarded.

I’m really shocked and saddened of the news of Fahim Saleh, one of the founding of Pathao and Nigeria’s Gokada has been found dead inside his apartment in New York. And, his body was discovered dismembered, with an electric saw placed nearby. What’s going on @abirrahmanorko

Decapitated and dismembered remains of millionaire tech entrepreneur, Fahim Saleh, 33, found next to electrical saw in his upscale NY apartment by his sister; CCTV shows professional killer attacking him after sharing elevator – police


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FahimSaleh dead? Whoa!? Dismembering someone, with an electric saw, without fear of being caught is the height of insanity. This is horrific and sad. My condolences to his family members and the @GokadaNG team. Hopefully, his killers would be found…

Fahim Saleh will be remembered in Nigeria as the founder of Gokada, a Nigeria-based bike ridesharing company, which provided employment for thousands of Nigerians.


“The building where the body was found, at 265 East Houston Street near Suffolk Street.” No idea but they will need a tenant…

Fahim Saleh’s sister found his headless body in what police believe was a brutal professional assassination:

Posted by The US Sun on Wednesday, July 15, 2020