Rayshard Brooks

Part2 Rayshard Brooks was killed last night by APD Atlanta

VIDEO: Atlanta PD killing an unarmed black man Rayshard Brooks  by shooting him in the back 3 times

According to the police report, 2 officers tried placing Rashard Brooks under arrest — after they say he failed field sobriety testing. In the video, you can see the officers wrestling with Rayshard on the ground for nearly 30 seconds.


Die Autopsieergebnisse von Rayshard Brooks wurden gerade veröffentlicht … Beamte sagen, dass seine Todesursache 2 Schusswunden am Rücken sind.

Das Fulton County Medical Examiner’s Office sagt, Rayshard habe Organschäden und Blutverlust durch die Schusswunden erlitten. Es hört sich auch so an, als würde dies jetzt von der Staatsanwaltschaft als Mord untersucht. SOURCE @TMZ continue reading

Update: Both officers, Garrett Rolfe and Devin Brosnan, have now been fired, and the Police Chief has resigned.

They had his car and license; would it really be that hard to track him down if he got away? What risk was he to society in the meantime? A drunk guy running around the neighborhood, hiding in bushes from cops. #atlantashooting #RayshardBrooks


Everyone in Atlanta needs to get out in the streets tonight. APD murdered Rayshard Brooks, a husband and father of two last night. Fuck 12, no quarter for the pigs.

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