Rashid Brimmage Shoking Video “Geraldine” 92 old Grandman

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Rashid Brimmage from NY who pushed down a 92 year old woman for entertainment

Geraldine INFO 592 year old woman shoved to the ground

Rishad , a career criminal with more than 100 arrests on his behalf was arrested for cruelly pushing a 92-year-old woman into a fire hydrant in Manhattan – leaving his victim afraid of walking alone in his own neighborhood.

Geraldine, who has lived in Manhattan for more than 50 years, was on her way to Duane Reade when Brimmage pushed her to the ground near Third Avenue and East 16th Street in Gramercy Park around 3:30 p.m. Friday.

She struck the fire hydrant and lay on the ground until a passerby called 911 and the doctors quickly took her to the nearby Beth Israel Hospital.

The former teacher, who never married but goes out with an 89-year-old lawyer, said her physical injuries were relatively minor and that she had since healed – but the mental figure was much more serious.

“Most of the time, I am shaken. My head still hurts where I was bleeding, where I touched the water intake – or where it hit me, I don’t know”, a- she declared.

“It’s mostly psychological – just the fear of going out,” he added.

“This damn guy put me in a state where I’m scared to walk the streets alone. So my cool guy is trying to find someone to take me to a nearby park or the supermarket, that sort of thing. C that’s the problem. ”

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