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Rashard Brooks bodycam Garrett Rolfe & Devin Brosnan

Rashard Brooks bodycam Garrett Rolfe & Devin Brosnan Rayshard was killed by APD Atlanta

Rashard Brooks was killed by APD Atlanta Both officers, Garrett Rolfe and Devin Brosnan, have now been fired, and the Police Chief has resigned.

VIDEO: Atlanta PD killing an unarmed black man Rayshard Brooks  by shooting him in the back 3 times

According to the police report, 2 officers tried placing Rashard Brooks under arrest — after they say he failed field sobriety testing. In the video, you can see the officers wrestling with Rayshard on the ground for nearly 30 seconds.

Wow. Rayshard Brooks was sleeping in his car, last night in Atlanta. The police woke him, attempted to arrest him and then shot him IN THE BACK as he attempted to run away. I have no words left.

Marah Lidey @marahml

Unarmed black man killed last night by police. His name is Rayshard Brooks, 27 He fell asleep in his car at a Wendys drive-thru Atlanta police responded to a call of a man sleeping in his car- physically assaulted, tased, then shot him in the back 3 TIMES! #Justice4Brooks

StanceGrounded @_SJPeace_

Does “unarmed” not include the item in his right hand & then on the ground. It looks like a taser (officers?), but has a shine from the headlight-it seems metallic. Tragic death, but a good rule-don’t take ANYONE’s weapon from their hands, they‘ll want it back.

HeloFarley @FarleyHelo
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