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Rafael Martinez livery cab driver

Rafael Martinez a Cab driver rapes 12-year-old girl

Cab driver Rafael Martinez rapes 12-year-old girl in the backseat of car during ride to her grandmother’s house

A New York Rafael Martinez man is behind bars after police say he raped a young girl in the backseat of his car on Monday.

  • Kristi Hill Hell no, let him live in prison where he’ll have several “girlfriends “ named Bubba who’ll take care of his on a daily. What a POS.
  • Kenyota Rountree Poor child! Why are parents still letting their children go places unattended? Are you all unaware of the psychos that walk among us?
  • Adam Ybarra Hope you drop a soap why’ll visiting your favorite prison or put you in a cell with 10 inmate’s of your choice you Mr did a big no ,no no child should go thru what you did to a 12 yrs old child I hope they put you away for a very long time
  • Oluwasegun Matthew The world we are today has now become a satanic one,we should always monitor,guide and lookout for our children,cos the world we are now is a wicked world with wicked people,and wicked mindset.lets be watchful.may God help ours.
  • Annette La Rosa And I agree with the many comments!!! What is wrong with the parents?????? I would NEVER LET my kids or Grandkids get in a cab alone.
  • Angel Casillas Merworth I was driving uber and lyft for awhile and I was amazed as to how many young children ride them alone. Something I would never let my kid do. Felt glad it was me picking these children up and not some pervert. Too many parents put too much trust into complete strangers. Smdh

Livery Cab rapes 12-year-old girl in the backseat

livery cab

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