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Prime Minister Boris Johnson transferred to the intensive care unit

Prime Minister Boris Johnson transferred to the intensive care unit

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is apparently worse from Covid-19 than initially known. He has been in intensive care in London since Monday evening. His condition has worsened.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been transferred to the intensive care unit because of his coronavirus infection. The state of health of the 55-year-old deteriorated over the course of the afternoon, the Prime Minister’s spokesman said on Monday evening. Johnson, who had made his coronavirus infection public in late March, was hospitalized on Sunday on the advice of his doctors.

A statement on Monday night said that Secretary of State Dominic Raab had been asked to take over Johnson’s duties where necessary.

In the afternoon, Downing Street Number 10 had only reported routine tests that Johnson would undergo. The premier continued to have a fever and cough, but was in a good mood. He himself wrote on Twitter on Monday: “Last night, on the advice of my doctor, I went to the hospital for some routine tests because I still have coronavirus symptoms.” He keeps in touch with his team to fight the pathogen and protect everyone.

However, some British media had written that the prime minister was seriously ill in the lungs and needed ventilation. A government spokesman did not want to comment on this. 55-year-old Johnson is treated at St. Thomas’ Hospital near the Parliament.

Sources used: euters, AFP, dpa

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