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Presley Garcia

Presley Garcia University Cites Racist Twitter Bio

University Cites Racist Twitter Bio in Firing Police Officer Presley Garcia, a campus police officer since 2018, fell under investigation last month after a local TV reporter showed the department screenshots of her since-deleted Twitter account, which described her as a “KKK member” in the bio section, reported the Tampa Bay Times.

The investigation into Presley Garcia began in July after a BayNews 9 reporter contacted the USF police department with screenshots of the Twitter account “@presleyyyg,” which read “KKK member.” The account has since been deleted. More: HERE

I think she was railroaded here. The twitter bio was from 2015 and her last post was 2016. There was no evidence that it was anymore than she says just a misunderstanding. I would say this is a failure on the part of the LE department instead of the officer.

Brian Gilmer

Well hey you have to be cautious about that sort of thing, especially as a cop. People have to trust you won’t arrest or kill them for no reason. If I were a swastika-wearing neo-nazi, I couldn’t whine if the Jewish community didn’t trust me to design their new synagogue.

Wesley Miller

Racists come from a long line of people who believe they are entitled to do whatever they want without consequence. She, along with whatever the orange one is up to (I’m sure), are merely today’s confirmation of this very fact.


Garcia, who was hired in 2018, told the Tampa Bay Times she felt let down by the agency after her firing last week.

“There’s all the talk of ‘Back the Blue,’ but not one person had my back,” she said.

In his letter recommending her firing, USF Police Chief Chris Daniel said Garcia’s actions could bring harm to other officers.

“This concern is of particular importance given the activities occurring on a local and national level. Since the incident involving George Floyd, dissident members of the community have targeted law enforcement officers, their departments, their families and their home,” Daniel wrote. Floyd died in May after a white Minneapolis pressed his knee against the Black man’s neck for nearly eight minutes as he pleaded for air.

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