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Police Officer shooting and killing a fenced-in dog

Identified! Detroit Police shoot Dog in Yard

I’m a K9 Officer and this is absolutely horse shit. That handler needs to be stripped of his duties and charged. He couldn’t control his partner, no fix his own mistake so the dog inside his own secured yard gets killed? Fuck that!

Detroit Police shoot dog
Josh T
There was absolutely no reason to use deadly force. An aggressive dog can be stopped with pepper spray or a taser. It was on the other side of the fence, no danger to the officer or the K9. And frankly, that K9 was out of control. That officer should be fired.v

The Detroit Police Department has not responded to this incident yet, but it’s already catching national attention — ex-Democratic presidential candidate Julian Castro is demanding answers and accountability … as are many others.

Anyone who could shoot a dog protecting its own yard does not have the temperament to be a police officer. I include the ones who stood around and let it happen. They need to be identified and fired, and be charged with felony animal abuse.


This happened in Detroit, with footage being caught on a home camera system. The video is extremely upsetting – which…

Posted by The Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation on Thursday, August 20, 2020

Bruh you let that k9 work dog puts its nose in the fence, then when your dog got fucked up you shot a incident dog protecting its property. Your a fucking bum ass cop for that. That cop shouldn’t be allowed to own animals or handle them.

Police Shoot DOG

Here’s another video showing an untrained female police officer or distant untrained officer. She does not know how to walk that dog correctly as a police officer dog should be walked she was too loose on the leash she allowed to police officer dog to walk up to a stranger dog what you’re not allowed to do by training should not keep her dog tied up on her like you’re required to do by training she lied her dog to enter into another dog’s

property via nose and head to offense Wichita Kansas rules and regulations by dog trainings that cops already know when they have a police dog this female officer should never been trained to be a police officer Handler of a dog what happened here was the other dog had a hold of the dog’s ear and side of the head all she had to do was either mace the dog teaser the dog or pull out her nightstick and tap the dog across the nose and head and the dog would have released the cop dog but no she was so untrained she really pulled her firearm and shot and I believe kill this dog

even it wouldn’t matter if the dog wasn’t being killed it was just wounded it still shows that police officers nowadays or untrained untrustworthy and should not be wearing the uniform unless they go to a schooling like a police academy for a year or more to get trained properly on how to use their equipment and how did maintain their mental ability with situations like these instead of being an untrained idiotic person who should not be wearing the uniform taxpayers pay for police officers we want trained competent police officers we do not want untrained incompetent racist ass cops anymore stop hiring cops like you would hire someone at a fast food restaurant. God help us the cops have gone stupid

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