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Poeti Norac surfer

Poeti Norac surfer (†24)

Sad news for all surf fans. The French professional surfer Poéti Norac died in Queensland, Australia.

What was the stage for some was the sea for Poéti Norac († 24). There she felt at home, that was her world. At the age of six, the pretty French woman and her dad stood on the surfboard in their hometown of Les Sables-d’Olonne and fought their way through the waves, first on a shortboard and later on a longboard.

Poéti Norac died for unknown reasons

Poeti Norac Dies
Source Instagram: Poeti Norac Dies

At the French surfing championships, the 24-year-old took second place in 2018 and third place in 2016 and became a star in her home country of France. Now the talented surfer girl has died from previously unexplained circumstances in Queensland, Australia, on the sunny coast near Brisbane. She had only moved there a few months ago to perfect her passion for water sports.

Great grief for the young surfer

“The surfer community has lost a family member, a wonderful person with an infectious laugh, an artist on her board, whose enthusiasm has radiated in the Vendée region and everywhere,” wrote the French Surfer Association with the consent of her family. Her little sister Tam also left a heartbreaking message on Facebook.

The French surfer association wants to announce an exact date for a ceremony in Poéti Norac’s honor within the next few days.

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