Patriot Prayer Joey Gibson

Patriot Prayer Joey Gibson & Identified Person

Trump invite joey gibson to the white house he is the one attacked in this video he’s been a hardcore supporter of you and is slandered by the media of being a racist. he is christian and conservative and he really is a good person and is the leader of patriot prayer group.


They were only one block away w the Joey Gibson situation. The victim and his friend were part of that group. Patriot Prayer. Victim wearing a hat w logo, thats how shooter singled him out

Patriot prayer is a group founded by Joey Gibson originally selling american flags and bibles turned to direct activism in 2017 by the violent antifa riots from 2016-2017 he talks about how much he loves america trump and god like a street preacher

No, it’s not revenge, it’s what happens when a bunch of douche bags roll across state lines looking to start trouble and find it, in droves. Patriot Prayer has been doing this for nearly 3 years now, the only surprise is they suffered the first fatality.


Members of Alt Right groups “patriot prayer” & proud boys. Violent groups in their own right. Andy is holding back on details because he’s a biased alt right ahole.

I watched in real-time a Trump supporter shot and killed in Portland and a patriot prayer warrior assaulted and chased into a gas station for safety

When will this end? Are we being hunted? I am moving out of the big city. The Dems have destroyed what was once beautiful