Patricia McCloskey & Mark McCloskey

Shocking: Mark and Patricia McCloskey owners of the McCloskey law center pointing guns at peaceful protestors

Armed couple Patricia McCloskey & Mark McCloskey wields AR-15 rifle or other weapon of war at #BLM demonstrators in Central West End section of St. Louis. Woman points handgun as they walk by the house en route to the Mayor. This is an unprovoked display of lethal force. #StLouis #mccloskey

Kristen Clarke

i took this video. this is disgusting. shame on these people. THIS is what happens when you march in st. louis, mo for the fair treatment, security and safety of black community members. this is NOT responsible gun ownership.


A couple points a rifle and a handgun at protesters who walked by their home in St.Louis, Missouri. According to local media, protesters were marching Sunday night to call for Mayor Lyda Krewson to resign.

You guys broke into a private, gated community. Given the history of violence and looting with such actions, the property owners were smart to show they were ready to defend their lives and property.

Mark Dice

Patricia McCloskey & Mark McCloskey pointing guns at peaceful protestors

This is an extremely prominent property, in an extremely exclusive neighborhood. If you want to be left alone, don’t buy a mansion like this. “Hey look at me!” works both ways. People probably come to their front door thinking it’s a museum.

Libtard Jesus, heaven is an autonomous zone

Ken and Karen are showing us what happens when societies accept extreme #inequality. When the rich get too rich, and they know it, they get scared. The #CultureWar is actually a #ClassWar and it’s not good for anyone. #GiniCoefficient

We Must #TaxTheRich

Context: The neighborhood was where the Mayor of St. Louis lives. The protest is in backlash to a recent livestream where she publicly said the names and addresses of protestors. These folks’ home just happened to be on the way.

Minori “Minnie” Omi

Mark & Patricia McCloskey‘s mansion,1 Portland Place, St. Louis, MO. They are attys, McCloskey Law Center, and violated Mo. Rev. Stat. § 571.030.1(4) prohibiting exhibiting “any weapon readily capable of lethal use” in an angry or threatening manner in public.


I am a forgiving person when it comes to even bad blunders, but this apology is such utterly transparent BS. If you sincerely recognized the magnitude of the wrong you did, you’d leave office, not issue a half-assed non-apology on Twitter. Fuck off forever.

Antifa’s Next Top Model
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Absolutely no issue at all here. Fully justified. Even shooting warning shots were justified. If any of these low lifers started to come at them more aggressively then even MURDER would be justified. This is an agressive MOB of angry Marxists that just broke down a gate and are on private property bent on destruction of life liberty and property – under the guise of “peaceful protesting”. Anyone in this situation has a God given right to defend their lives and homes. Fuck anyone who even SUGGESTS otherwise. The people talking about racism and saying to revoke his license are… Read more »


peaceful protestors…??? I recommend you to watch video how peaceful they were…