Ouzo Bay Baltimore Restaurant Marcia Grant

Ouzo Bay Shoking Video by Marcia Grant | Info Baltimore Restaurant | Facebook Post

The Atlas Restaurant Group was reacting to cell phone video shot by Marcia Grant as they tried to get a table at the Ouzo Bay restaurant. You hear the manager tell them they can’t be seated because her son’s wardrobe violated the restaurant’s dress code.

Saw the video of Marcia Grant and her son. I am certain that situation will be in that young boy’s mind for his lifetime. Sensitivity to youth is vitally important. The apology was commendable. How will you turn this around for the young boy?

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Replying to @AtlasBaltimore
and @OuzoBayBalt

Here’s the problem … there was another child in the restaurant — a white child — who was allowed in and he was dressed almost identically to Marcia’s son. Source: TMZ

Marcia Grant from Baltimore went to Facebook on Monday to resolve the weekend event in the city’s Ouzo Bay, a Mediterranean restaurant

The crazy thing is I shared their dress code and how it seems racially motivated back before they opened. I vowed that me or any of my family would eat there because of that. They are obviously trying to discriminate against any type of urban culture. Thats deeper than the just the race thing alone. Fuck ouza. They need to be boycotted anyway

Michael Antonio Barksdale

 Be wary they may just move this manager to one of their other restaurants.

Also this whole situation is the literal definition of racial profiling.

Good thing you were filming.

Sending virtual hugs to your son.

Corinne Thompson

Great job mom. I truly love your composure and how you executed your claim. Let’s hit them where it hurts. Enough is enough

Danean Eme
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