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Shooting Little Rock: Please say some prayers for my cousin and her husband as they were involved in an hit and run in Little Rock Arkansas tonight. What a world we live in now. Devan Michelle MarcusBenjamin Marcus

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Then there’s this. If the ASP folks already were chasing or looking for the cab and had a witness to point out the guy, then, AGAIN, why did one of them get in alleged stabbing range of the guy?!

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Hey I need y´all to hear this about the situation today. The ma who got killed this evening was speeding on the interstate in a stolen cab and flew off the interstate. He spun off the road and hit my wife and me as we were driving. I checked on her and my dogs and I went to go check on him and he ran from me. I did not yell or threaten him because I could tell he wasn´t of right mind. I simply wanted to make sure nobody was hurt. He had committed a crime prior to hitting me from what I found that out when they came to tow the cab. I don´t condone him dying. I just want you all to know what happened prior to this incident.

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The Arkansas State Police is investigating an officer involved shooting incident, that left an officer of the Arkansas Highway Police and a suspect wounded. A state trooper, pursuant to Arkansas State Police policy and procedure, is on paid administrative leave while the investigation is underway.

The shooting incident occurred about 7 PM tonight near Interstate 30 and Roosevelt Road. The Arkansas Department of Transportation, Highway Police Officer was stabbed as he approached the suspect. The injuries in the stabbing of the Highway Police Officer are not believed to be life threating.

An Arkansas State Trooper shot the suspect as the suspect approached the trooper with a weapon. The state trooper was not injured.
The suspect was transported from the scene to a local hospital. The condition of the suspect is unknown.

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Just called my son in Little Rock, Arkansas on what I’ll call a parental hunch. He was almost in hysterics. He’d just seen the police kill a black man right in front of him. They’d already tazed the guy, whose only weapon was a small screwdriver. Now he is dead.

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