Emilia Clarke pressured

Nude&Alcohol: Emilia Clarke pressured

Only with alcohol shesurvivedthe nude scenes

Above all, “Game of Thrones” combines violence, intrigue – and pretty much bare skin.

In particular Emilia Clarke (33) often had to drop the covers for her role as Daenerys Targaryen. However, as she revealed in the podcast “Armchair Expert” by Dax Shepard (44), she was reluctant to do so.

In the podcast, the 33-year-old told that she had taken the many nude scenes hard, she had often rebelled against it.

But the serial makers are said to have urged the actress to nudity, said Clarke, “You do not want to disappoint your fans.”

Especially in the first season of “Game of Thrones” the “Mother of the Dragons” was often seen without a shell. For the then young and inexperienced actress a difficult undertaking:

“I’ve never been to such a movie set before, I’ve been in a movie twice, and now I’m on a set with all those people who are completely naked and I do not know what to do and I know not what is expected of me and I do not know what you want and I do not know what I want, “Clarke describes her situation at the time.

The nude scenes were Emilia Clarke according to their own information so unpleasant that they even resorted to alcohol to survive them.

She also said that there were times when she locked herself in the bathroom, cried, and then went to the set to shoot the scene.

At the time, consolation was donated to her colleague Jason Momoa (40). The actor of the Khal Drogo, with whom she played a rape scene among other things, did everything to make her feel comfortable on the set. About him she says in the podcast: “He was kind and caring, has been interested in me as a human being.”