Kobe Bryant’s helicopter crashed, and this video shows how difficult the job will be

The agency released this drone footage over the Calabasas hillside. You can see investigators rummaging through scattered parts of the Sikorsky S-76. Most of the aircraft is in tiny pieces … although one large chunk of the tail section is almost intact.

During American sports about the death of exceptional basketball player Kobe Bryantand another eight victims mourn, more and more details emerge about the helicopter accident. According to the U.S. Transportation Safety Agency (NTSB), the pilot told the air traffic controller that he would ascend to fly around a cloud layer, NTSB’s Jennifer Homendy said. Why he got into thick fog and lost control is still unclear. According to reports, the Bloomberg news service, the experienced pilot was probably briefly confused by an unusual process when he left his route. A few minutes before the accident, flight control had informed him that his altitude was too low. He had obtained a special permit for the flight before take-off. The police helicopters remained on the ground due to poor visibility.

The investigations should continue until at least the end of the week. “It’s a pretty catastrophic accident,” said Homendy. The rubble was scattered across the hilly terrain near Los Angeles. The helicopter did not have a flight data recorder, but this was also not a requirement. The NTSB asked everyone who took photos of the weather in the area at the time of the crash to send it to her.

US sport continues to be characterized by grief. In an emotional farewell letter, top basketball player LeBron James expressed his condolences. He wrote several times for a personal statement, wrote James, but was overwhelmed by tears. The Los Angeles Lakers, for whom Bryant played for 20 years, were given additional time to deal with the tragedy. The city derby scheduled for Tuesday against the Clippers will be made up at an unspecified time, the league said. The next Lakers game is now on Friday. The start of the Super Bowl week in Miami was also marked by Bryant’s death. At the opening ceremony, the fans paused for a minute. The Empire State Building in New York shone in purple and gold, the colors of the Lakers, on Monday evening.

Mourning is also omnipresent in European sport. AC Milan wanted to appear in the cup with a black armband on Tuesday evening. Bryant had also lived in Italy in his childhood. To prevent abuse with the memory of Bryant, outfitter Nike has stopped selling articles related to the sports legend online, the US sports channel ESPN reported. This is to prevent resellers from stocking up on large quantities and offering them at exorbitant prices.